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Supernova Round 13

Systems: 644 (last round 542) Families: 75 (last round 70) Family size: 1 Max allies: 0 Length: 6 Weeks Attacks and ops: 4 day delay Market: 4 day delay Resources: 50x Exploration ships: 30 Defense Stations: 1 Cores: 3 (including home system) but... Read More

Start of Round Pop bug

Has been squashed! No more changing your race just before start of round to get that extra pop bonus. Tsk tsk! :( It is important that you have the race you want before the round starts. Sometimes life doesn't work out and you are unable to get... Read More

Ghost Spots in Starburst

Have been removed! Read More

Starburst Round 12

Slightly different format this time around: [color=#ffff00][b]You will be allowed 2 draft players, one of these players **MUST** play as a Revalon. The other player can be any race. [/b][/color] This will be mod-checked before SOR, and if... Read More