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Red Vs Green Hardcore

What's that I hear? Santa has a bit of fighting spirit? A snappy hardcore round you say? Here are the stats: Galaxy: Black Eye Size: 60x60 Systems: KOTH style map, 539 systems, 3 planets per system. Families: 2 Family size: 20 Drafts: 0 Max... Read More

Supernova Round 11

Systems: 511(last round 654) Families: 80 (last round 75) Family size: 1 Max allies: 0 Length: 6 Weeks Attacks and ops: 1 Week delay Market: 2 day delay Resources: 50x Added Exploration ships to: 30 Defense Stations: 1 Cores: 3 (including home... Read More

Starburst Round 11

Here are the stats. Size: 120x120 (last round 110x110) Systems: 731 (679 last round) Families: 8 (8) Family size: 8 (9) Drafts: 1 (1 last round) Max allies: 0 (same) Length: 2 months Market: 2 days Offensive Operations: 2 days Resources: 10x... Read More

Server move #58

As you can see, the game is up now. But there will be various issues for a while until things are sorted. I recently left the job which hosted the previous server, and never got around to moving the game. The other day they apparently found my... Read More