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Market in Starburst

Is open. Due to the set back the date for the market wasnt set back and opened earlier than it should have. However the offensive op date has been changed to the following. 2015-04-03 17:00:00 Sorry for the inconvience Read More

Drafting and Deletes

As you all know deleting is disabled. However during the registration period things get a little hectic, players random and then get offered a drafting spot. We are now going to allow deletes for those who are going to be drafted on a trial basis.... Read More

Naming Planets

That has now been fixed. If you are a VIP you are able to name your planets. I know it is not one of the more important thing but it was a quick fix. Still working on other bugs too. Read More

Starburst Round 13

It's been reset. Here are the new stats: Size: 160x160 (last round 120x120) Systems: 722 (719 last round) Families: 9 (8) Family size: 8 (10) Drafts: 2- 1 must be Camaar or Wardancer, 1 must be Partaxian, Revalon, or Quantam (Previous round: 1... Read More