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Revenge of the Saggy D's

You might not have asked for it.. you might dread its coming.. you might not even know what it means!?! Ladies and Gentlemen IT'S HARDCORE TIME AGAIN!!! Format as follows: 5 man families. You can either form your own 5 man families (yes... Read More

Supernova Round 16

Map size: 80x80 (last round 80x80) Systems: 658 (last round 631) Families: 75 (last round 75) Family size: 1 Max allies: 0 Length: 1 month Attacks and ops: 4 day delay Market: 4 day delay Resources: 50x Exploration ships: 30 Defense Stations: 1... Read More

Starburst Round 16

Size: 100x100 (last round 160x160) Systems: 699 (697 last round) Families: 8 (8) Family size: is now 11 started with 7 (8) Drafts: 1. Max allies: 0 (same) Length: 4 weeks (4 weeks) Market: 2 days Offensive Operations: 2 days (was 7 days)... Read More

Galaxy Resets

Hopefully this will happen tomorrow Wednesday if things go well. Thank you for your patience. Read More