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Supernova Round 22

Let's try this again! Map size: 60x60 (last round 80x80) Systems: 679 (last round 655) Families: 75 (last round 75) Family size: 1 Max allies: 0 Length: 2 months Attacks and ops: 4 day delay Market: 4 day delay Resources: 50x Exploration ships:... Read More

Starburst Round 22

Size: 80x80 (last round 100x100) Systems: 609 (651 last round) Families: 8 (8 last round) Family size: 6 (9 last round) Drafts: 1 Max official allies: 0 (same) Length: 6 weeks (6 weeks) Market: 2 days Offensive Operations: 2 days Resources: 10x... Read More

Game down

The game has been down for a bit. Time has been stopped. We will leave it stopped for a bit but not long to allow players to get back into the game. Sorry for the inconvenience. Read More

Triangulum has been reset!

Size: 20x20 Systems: 75 Families: 74 Family size: 1 Planets per system: 1 Drafts: 0 Max official allies: 0 Length: 3 weeks Market: 1 day Offensive Operations: Immediately Resources: Normal Defense Stations: 0 Starting Monday, April 4 Ending... Read More