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Blocks 'R Us!

Today I decided to block a certain player who had some time ago taken over what used to be our official Facebook group, linked from the game front. The player has since abused it for his own ends. The player was given a very clear ultimatum to... Read More

40% Family Networth issues

Over a week of testing and having the code looked into with actual specifics to research, there were some strange things in the code and has it has been updated to what it was originally stated of how it works. Abuse of this will be looked into... Read More


Error at bottom of attack report Attacking without sending fleet Estimated costs on portals These are now fixed and more fixes on the way! Read More

Supernova Round 14

Map size: 80x80 (last round 80x80) Systems: 633 (last round 644) Families: 75 (last round 75) Family size: 1 Max allies: 0 Length: 6 Weeks Attacks and ops: 4 day delay Market: 4 day delay Resources: 50x Exploration ships: 30 Defense Stations: 1... Read More